How You Can Use AI Companions for Personal Development


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Using artificial intelligence in a self-determined way.

In today’s digital world, artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer just a term from sci-fi novels, but a reality and omnipresent in our everyday lives. But how can this technology be used purposefully without getting lost in it? How can you seize the opportunities, minimize the risks and always remain in control? We are particularly interested in the psychological effects of AI and how people can develop the skills to use AI in a self-determined way that contributes to their personal development.

Our goal is to explore how AI companions can increase our creativity and self-efficacy. We want to find out how they can effectively support us in achieving our goals. Interested? Then give us a quick ping, and we’ll keep you updated.

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Our focus is onresearching the psychology of interacting with AI assistants:

  • Can AI-assistants enhance our creativity and self-efficacy?
  • And to what extent can they support us in to follow the path we have chosen.

Interested? Then give us a quick ping, and we’ll keep you updated.

AI Companions as Partner for Personal Development

At the 11th European Conference on Positive Psychology, we discussed how AI can support us in therapy and in our daily lives in the future.

That’s us

Alexander Piotrowski

Dr. Alexander Piotrowski is a therapist and was an organizational consultant at SOCIUS, a self-organized cooperative, for over ten years.

He is interested in how people can broaden their personal range of actions and manage their personal and professional environments effectively.

He also deals intensively with the possible applications of artificial intelligence.

Burkhard Pahl

Burkhard Pahl wrote his master’s thesis on AI literacy and job crafting using AI as part of his studies in occupational, organizational and health psychology.

He is primarily focused on the use of AI in organizations and organizational development. This includes, for example, the question of which psychological constructs are associated with the use of AI in the world of work.

His main focus is to find out how people can best use AI and what competencies are needed for that.


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