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Online courses for a self-determined approach to AI

In fall 2023, we conducted online courses in collaboration with SOCIUS organizational consulting for a self-determined approach to AI. The courses encompassed:

1. Tips & tricks for dealing with AI
Immerse yourself in practical instructions and get tangible tips on how to integrate AI into your day-to-day work or project in a meaningful way. Specific topics included text, image, and website creation.

2. Testing & exploring current AI tools
Discover which AI tools and applications are already advanced enough today to be seamlessly integrated into daily work. We show you what really works!

3. Awareness of AI: opportunities, risks and more
Develop a deep understanding of the potentials and challenges of AI. Learn how to protect yourself from the risks and make the most of the benefits.

AI course III: Creating websites with artificial intelligence


How can AI be used in the creation of websites? Discover the possibilities and tools that AI can use to make websites easier with little effort. In our interactive AI course, we dive deep into the world of AI-supported web development. Together, we are exploring how AI can help less experienced users with web design, SEO and website content.

Our aim is to increase competence in dealing with AI. We will address topics such as:

Overview: Where can AI play a role in website creation?
Workflow blog posts: We are revamping our own website with the help of AI
Demo: Create website code with artificial intelligence (it’s easier than you think)
Complete solutions: AI provider for complete website solutions
SEO: How does AI help my blog posts rank better in search engines?

Design images and graphics in your own style with artificial intelligence

How can AI be used in image design? Learn about the methods and tools that allow AI to create photos, graphics, and icons in the desired style, rather than generating random images.
In our interactive course we take a deep dive into the world of AI-supported image design. Together we will explore how AI helps to design photos, graphics and icons according to individual ideas.
Our aim is to expand people’s skills in dealing with AI and thus contribute to more creativity and uniqueness in their own content.
Possible application examples for AI-supported image design are:

Creation of AI-generated images for websites or blog posts
Design of icons for events
Web and social media graphics: using AI to create appealing graphics for online platforms
Personalized icons and graphics: Precise AI-supported designs according to individual specifications
Receive creative suggestions that match your style

In the course we use tools such as Adobe Firefly, ChatGPT and DALL-E and also take a look at Midjourney.

How can AI be used in copywriting?

September 19, 2023

In our interactive course, we delve into the world of AI-supported text creation. We look at how we can use AI to create and optimize texts.

From idea to implementation – AI as a tool for texts:

Get inspired for book posts, blog articles and more.
Use AI to adapt your texts to the target group.

Argumentation analysis: Find weak points in arguments with the help of AI.
Web and social media texts: Use AI to create engaging texts for online platforms.
Customized summaries: Let AI summarize texts precisely according to your specifications.
Four-eyes principle: How you can use AIs to efficiently check your spelling, grammar and get moderate suggestions in line with your writing style.

Interactive lab: AI in organizational development

May 16, 2023

In this live session, an interactive approach was taken to give participants a deeper understanding of the world of artificial intelligence (AI).

The focus was on how AI can be practically applied in organizational development.

The participants learned how to use AI tools in a self-determined way and to understand how these technologies can already simplify current work processes and how AI can be used (as far as possible).

There is a report of the session, which you can read via the link on the side.

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