KI Podcast by BR24 and SWR with Gregor Schmalzried, Marie Kilg and Fritz Espenlaub from 9.8.23.


Social avatars: In love with an AI.

Why AIs are becoming increasingly personal.

AI-avatars, for example from Replika, are revolutionizing digital interaction by offering personalized experiences that differ from standardized assistants such as Alexa. Replika users customize their virtual companion. The avatars have a shape, appearance and name and their “personalities” evolve through interaction.

Emotionally moving experiences blur the boundaries between the virtual and real world for many users.

“The AI Podcast” discusses how such AIs influence everyday life and emotions and raises questions about responsibility in the use of this technology. Big tech companies tend to retain control over their AI assistants, but with the latest generation of personal chatbots, the line between user and creator is blurring, creating new legal challenges.